Press Clipping
You need to know chanteuse Ammoye

JAMusic: Music lovers globally will always be looking for that new, impeccable sound that can be looked upon as leaders of the new wave of vocalists. How would you define a musical genius that can eventually become a vocal leader?
A: How I would define a musical genius that can eventually become a vocal leader, would be through the connection between the artist and the listener. If the artist is is sincere in their intent to connect their messages to the listener and the listener is able to relate and be inspired in some way shape and form, then that artist as done is or her job. That is genius & a vocal leader in my eyes.
JAMusic: Some of the most genius artistes have thrived when taking chances and innovating. How important/present is that on the soundscape today; from what you've seen and that might have help in composing your singles?
A: Being an innovator and taking chances in today's soundscape and music market place is very crucial in my opinion. I believe everyone who calls themselves artists have unique gifts to share in their own unique ways and so therefore they should own that knowing and be brave, courageous and fearless in sharing and showcasing that to the world at all cost. The world is a beautiful and vast diverse sea of human beings with different tastes, likes and cultures and so all peoples will relate to different artists and their music on different levels in different ways. It is my duty when I am composing my singles and my music to be true and authentic to who I am inside as an artists. I allow my Spirit inside of me to lead, guide and cocreate with me. When I do that I trust that the people who are for my music and sound will resonate with it and get and feel from it what they're meant to. For me that is the love, healing, light my Divine essence that I pour into my music every time I write, sing and perform with no fear or apologies.

JAMusic: How do you think your album The Light will impact\ your growing fan base as well as attracted new listeners?
A: How I think my album The Light will impact my growing fan base and attract new listeners is humbly my intent to connect on a human and spiritual level. My desire and intent is for my fans who I call my Soul Rebelz and potential new SoulRebelz to get, feel and understand my message. My message is one of self worth. To believe in themselves as much as I believe in myself. To be courageous enough to love themselves no matter what they've been through, what their circumstances are, who they are or where they're from and share that love with everyone and everything on this beautiful planet of ours. My message is one of Unity Consciousness and that is what I want them to resonate with, and how I want to impact them, by simply inspiring them to share their unique beautiful light and be apart of this love revolution with me. Bringing us as a people together not tearing us apart.
JAMusic: What's the biggest risk you've taken artistically; one that went over surprisingly well and one that might've gone over people's heads?
A: The biggest risk I feel I have taken artistically in my opinion is following my own path my intuition...trusting myself and not of those who believe they are the gate keepers of the "music industry" A lot of what the industry tries to condition the minds of young or mature aspiring artists today is to be a certain image that they believe will sell and make money for "them", and that's either a sex machine or some type of badass good gone bad image. I chose not to buy into that box or mold. It's an illusion. For me like I said "I want to be true to me and be authentic in everything I do." I love music period and I love reggae music it connects with the heart beat and my mission is to connect on a soul level with my listeners and not try to manipulate them by selling to them an agenda. That's the risk I believe I've taken is just to be a true artist and not a sales person selling a gimmick that benefits a corporation's agenda, that dumb's down the masses instead of waking them up and inspiring them to be better human beings.

JAMusic: Who's the artiste that keeps you on your toes? Pushes you to go harder?
A: The artists that inspires me to stay on my toes and pushes me to go harder are greats like Bob Marley, Sade, Grace Jones, Lauryn Hill & Beyonce just to name a few. Bob Marley reminds me that my words the lyrics I choose to write and sing should uplift and inspire change on all levels in a loving and compassionate way. Sade teaches me grace, humility and sophistication in how I choose to present myself to the world with integrity. Grace Jones teaches me and reminds me to be courageous and fearless in standing up for myself and to never discount myself no matter what. She lets me know that yes I m powerful and I should embrace it and not be afraid of my power. Lauryn Hill teaches me resilience and will to push through any circumstance and to stay true to who I am and what I feel inside. Which for me is priceless because I'm not asleep any more I am "awake" walking this planet now and I know who I am and what I have inside and that is "Spirit Divine Source Love" Beyonc? teaches and reminds me to own my craft. To perfect my craft and love what I do and to do it well, even if it's one person in the audience or 10,000 people in the audience. She inspires me to never give up no matter how many no's or closed doors come my way, keep going and keep moving forward it will pay off. What is mine cannot be taken from me it's only a matter of time.
JAMusic: What's one song that you hold close to you because of a particular line or better yet what's the most philosophical quote you've heard in a song that you hold close to your heart?
A: One song that I hold close to me and it has a line in it that I find to be philosophical and is very dear to my heart is a gospel song called "It is well with my soul" that line is everything to me! Whenever I am struggling and going through moments that makes me forget for a little while who I am and the support I have in and around me and the power I have inside are those lyrics. Spirit will send that line into my consciousness and remind me that "Honey girl don't worry about a thing don't fret because, It is well with my soul" that gives me the confidence to realign and balance myself, because it will all work out and be ok no matter what it is that's going on. I love that song and I love that line and the message it holds and sends.

JAMusic: We live in an era where the average person's attention span is limited to what they want to see or hear. What are you doing differently that will hold their attention?
A: Yes I agree that in our times now the average person's attention span is limited. What I am doing differently I believe is to not try and force feed my listeners with inundated fear based Messages. It's boring, it's old energy and it doesn't feed the soul. I believe people are ready for more even if they don't yet realize it. So my intent is to give them food musical food and Messages that provokes thought that will wake them up inspire them and motivate them to change how they think, see themselves and the world. That life is not only about feeding the pockets but most importantly it's about feeding our souls. Therefore hopefully they'll be pushed to go out and do things differently. Do whatever it is that they love to do whatever makes their hearts sing. The intent is to make people fall InLove with themselves, each other and this beautiful world we live in.

JAMusic: With success comes a lot of negative feedback, how do you react or deal with negativity?
A: How I deal with negativity is really simple. It's none of my business. I am responsible for the energy I bring and send out to the world. I choose to hold my light wherever I go and wherever I am. If somebody is sending negativity to me, it doesn't land anymore. I know now that it's none of my business. It's something they are dealing and wrestling with within themselves. It's about them not me. They are just having a bad day or moment and crying out for love. So my answer is to send them Light and healing energy and wish them well.
JAMusic: When you look to the future, what are some of the areas you’d like to change professionally and personally?
A: Professionally some of the things I'd love to change when I look to the future is for us in my Industry music and all professional industries, to be more collaborative instead of competitive. Work together, support each other more instead of tearing each other down. Work together in unity is the change that needs to happen. Celebrate our differences not hate and warring over our differences. I'm doing my best to do my part and I hope we'll all do the same. Personally the change I'd like to continue to make for myself is to continue to change and evolve and become more of the Divine master I am inside. My intent is to be more loving, compassionate and not judgemental on all levels of myself, anyone or anything.

JAMusic: What insight can you give on the power of music and its ability to communicate certain messages verbally and non-verbally? And what do you think your music represent?
A: The insight I can give at this time on the power of music and it's ability to communicate certain messages verbally and non-verbally is to choose to participate in music that as the energy of love and again Unity. I can't say that enough. Take responsibility, if you choose to make music make sure you're making music that sends a message of peace and light, with the intent to help not just yourselves but the masses to make changes that will benefit us all as the family of humanity. Like I said earlier the duty and mission is to help bring us together as one, in Unity Consciousness not tear us apart. That is also what I believe my music represents... One Love. It represents "Love and Light" Find that light that is inside of you, it's inside all of us and that light connects us all.

JAMusic: What's the purpose on your musical journey? What's the message you're trying to give?
A: The Purpose of my musical journey is to take responsibility and to do my part as an "awake" human being on the planet at this time. I was given a Divine gift, music and my intent is to share it with the world and use this responsibility wisely. My purpose is to do the work I came here to do and that is "Light Work" I am a "Lightworker" and intend to hold my light and share my light with anyone and everyone who is drawn to my light through my life and my music. My message is one of Love. First love for self and then sharing that love with everyone I and you who are reading this, come in contact with each and everyday in each and every moment. One Love! And so it is.