Press Clipping
Militia Vox and Ammoye. Wow! funk, metal, mystery & magic from two music queens

Named after the Italian word for “Love”, Ammoye produces beautiful, popular funky shimmering reggae that kicks ass and stands out in a male-dominated genre And people love it and they lover her. The smoothness of her voice draws listeners in, and the power of her lyrics holds them as she effortlessly sings about life, love, and justice. At the age of 5, Ammoye knew her calling was to perform music. Raised by her grandparents singing in church choirs and a gospel group, she moved Canada for college nd perfected her style. It was there that she organized fellow artists into a collective blending the soulfulness of Jamaica with the edge of drum & bass, the sinewy grooves of R&B. She sang with Michael Buble and Arkell won several Junos, . She calls herself a “soul rebel” and that soul and that rebellion shows through in her new album, The Light.